Vancouver startup turns chopsticks into decor

This month has been off to a great start! With four Vancouver real estate listings, I’ve been spending loads of time showing prospective buyers the Vancouver home of their dreams! I get excited when I see their eyes light up as they imagine life in their new home. “Oh yes, we could put the sectional here, and our side table fits perfectly here. We’ll have to have accent pillows here ...” With the use of social media, especially Pinterest and Instagram, many of us fancy ourselves as interior designers, myself included!

While scrolling through Instagram, I came across this wall piece. It’s not only stunning, it’s unique - unique because it’s made out of chopsticks! ChopValue, a Vancouver startup, transforms used chopsticks from local restaurants into furnishings and home objects. ChopValue gathers up to 250,000 chopsticks a week from almost 100 participating food establishments in Metro Vancouver. Bypassing the landfill, these chopsticks are given new life, and turned into yoga blocks, wall hanging, desks, and chopping boards.

Could you imagine this wall piece in your Vancouver home? It would certainly be a conversation starter, and give you all the more reason to indulge in grade-A sushi, pho and Chinese ... so long as you choose to dine at participating restaurants who happily recycle their chopsticks with ChopValue. Here’s to supporting local, sustainable urban design!