The People of Kits - Laura Darcy

I've made Kitsilano my home for the past 19 years, and aside from its epic proximity to world famous beaches, and the wide range of Kitsilano condos and Kitsilano homes available - it's the active, vibrant and young community that keeps me in this part of Vancouver.

There's a real sense of camaraderie here, and Laura Darcy knows all about how to keep our Kits neighbourhood alive and thriving! Laura is the SPUD Ambassador Program & Community Outreach Coordinator at Be Fresh – one of my favourite spots. She's always looking to collaborate with vendors, host events, take on community initiatives, and discuss outreach opportunities with the help of Be Fresh.

She's one of those rare people, who upon meeting, instantly makes you feel valued. She intently listens to what you have to say, curious to learn more, so that she can create an authentic connection. She believes the most important question you can ask someone is "What's your story?"

Well Laura, the tables have turned. My turn to ask you. "What's Your story?”

“Vancouver, has been my road-trip home to myself.

Moving into this landscape three wild years ago has been life shifting, offering me the opportunity to better understand the vastness of my own foundation. To do so, I was called to move away from the familiar location I called home. Away from all things comfortable and known to find my own two feet beneath me - to understand that home is not a geographical location, but a trusted sense of self.

Over the past three years I've become curious, forgiving, and aware of the expectations that can hold us back, and I recognized what happens when we show up unapologetically as ourselves. We get to rise, and can lift each other up along the way.

The power of human connection is what continues to fuel my life.

Self-Expression, Self-Cultivation, Self-Empowerment. How do you move through the world, in all that you are?” - Laura Darcy

Follow @befreshlocal / @spuddelivers for upcoming events, Laura’s got some really exciting things in the works. Be sure to follow Laura Darcy @elle_darcy and her platform for Sharing Our Everyday Hero's Stories on @roadtriphome.