The Lost Vancouver: An Art Deco Tour

You may have seen some of this art and architectural style prevalent in television and films such as The Great Gatsby or Mad Men. “Art Deco,” or Arts Décoratifs, is a design style that originated in western Europe during the 1920’s, and could be seen on buildings, album cover artwork, and more.

Vancouver has a particularly interesting story when it comes to Art Deco in our city -- one that combines the historical, social, and economical contexts that allowed it to exist, and then had it stripped away. If you’ve got a design mind, and enjoy learning about our architectural landscape, a photography exhibit dedicated to Art Deco is happening this week, as a part of Capture Photography Festival - an innovative festival that is aimed at showcasing thought-provoking and contemporary photography of today.

The Lost Vancouver: An Art Deco Tour is a photo exhibit put together by collaborators Simon DesRochers (Photographer) and Mathieu Persan (Illustrator), who combine their two mediums to interpret this nostalgic past of our city.

Opening reception is happening at SPACE (552 Clark Drive), and begins tonight (April 11th) at 6:00 PM with a talk by Jennifer Iredale (former Director at Heritage BC). If you can’t make it, don’t fret - the exhibition will run from April 12th-23rd - so stop by and come check it out!