Surf Scoters - check these birds out

It’s Herring season on the Pacific Northwest, and along with that comes these awesome birds called Sea Scoters who dive deep to feed on the herring eggs. It feels good being a member of 1 Percent for the Planet who support rad organizations like Pacific Wild. These guys are working hard to protect our oceans and marine life for future generations. Check them out!

Here's a little snippet about Surf Scoters I pulled from Pacific Wild's Instagram.

"Surf Scoters are often found in abundance during this time of year, as their location is strongly influenced by presence of herring roe and seagrass beds. You may find these birds in the coves and channels of the traditional spawning areas, where branches and seaweed are suspended from the floating, rock-anchored logs. The herring lay their eggs on just about anything along shoreline - millions of eggs will float with the tide waiting to rest on seaweed, rock, or other substrate material. With luck, the logs begin to dip under the weight of multiple layers of tiny eggs building up on the hanging garden below…"