Westend Community Profile

The West End is located West of Burrard, East of Denman street and South of West Georgia. This area has a population of 42,120 people with the average age being between 20-39 years old and the median income being approximately $44,375. [West End Community]

The West End started its history as home to some of the richest railroad families within the Canadian Pacific Railroad, with the terminus stop of the CPR being in Coal Harbor the West End quickly became populated with railroad families from all over Canada.

Today the West End is considered by many to be the most beautiful neighborhood in Vancouver; it is also one of the densest neighborhoods in North America. It is home to English Bay, Stanley Park, Davie Street Village, and Denman Street.

One of the reasons this area is so popular is largely because of its central location and the wide range of activities right available. The West End has numerous beaches including English Bay Beach, First Beach, Second Beach, Third Beach and Sunset Beach. 

There is also great  shopping  on the famous Robson street, cultural dining and famous gay nightclubs along Davie street including Celebrities, Numbers and Sugar Daddy’s.

Through all this hustle and bustle somehow the West End is able to keep a quite neighborhood ambiance to its streets. This might be due to the fact that the West End has the least amount of traffic in Vancouver. It is so compact that there is no need for a car as everything is within close walking distance. There are also a number of transit buses frequenting this area.

Real Estate in the West End ranges from heritage homes to high-rise apartment buildings. Real Estate prices are also very diverse in this area reflecting the wide range of properties. Like the real estate, the people in the West End are very diverse, ranging from students and young professionals to seniors and families. Davie Street is home to Vancouver’s vibrant gay community; there are annual festivals and events taking place at Davie Village that celebrate this community.

The West End of Vancouver has a wide range of attractions and housing, making it one of the more favorable places to live in Vancouver.

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