Mount Pleasant Community Profile

Mount Pleasant stretches from Cambie Street to Clarke Drive and from Great Northern Way to 16thAve.

It is sometimes referred to as Vancouver’s “first” Suburb. In 1890 the first street cars appeared in Mount Pleasant. This made it very appealing to working class families, as it was an easy transit route to Vancouver City Center, False Creek and Brewery Creek (which was the center for business in the 1890’s). [Mount Pleasant Clock]

Today Mount Pleasant is a trendy neighborhood and considered to be one of the most diverse communities in the city, with a wide range of real estate, restaurants and residence. The population in this area is 23,615 people and the average age is 20-39 years old. The median income is approximately $37,782.

Kingsway and Main Street are the two main streets running through Mount Pleasant. These areas are most famous for their eclectic shops, restaurants and vintage stores.  In the past ten years the used cars lots that Kinsway was famous for have disappeared, to be replaced by new condos.  Recently Mount Pleasant has opened up a new community center offering fitness classes, meeting rooms and educational seminars. This kind of community development is becoming more common in this area.

The real estate is well establish in Mount Pleasant and constantly growing, recently we have seen new hi rise apartment buildings being developed in this area. The new developments are pushing up real estate prices. New buildings like The Sophia,  Social, The Domain, Stella,  and The Block  are setting the trend for Mount Pleasant real estate.

Mount Pleasant is a diverse neighborhood within Vancouver; it has great real estate and development opportunities.

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